Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged!  This is an incredibly exciting time of your life which can also be somewhat overwhelming including figuring out where to start.  After you have called your family (first!), texted your friends (next) and posted all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you may be wondering where to start with the wedding planning.  Here is a list of your FIVE next priorities in the wedding planning process.

1. Get the Engagement Ring Sized and Insured

You should immediately get that new ring sized perfectly and most importantly don’t forget to get the ring insured. You can add your ring to your existing home owner’s insurance policy or a company that specializes in Jewelry Insurance.As unromantic as insurance is, just thing how relieved you will both feel if something happens to the ring.Just make sure to read the fine print and know what it covers and what it doesn’t.

2. Create your Wedding Vision

Start researching! Picture your wedding day and everything in it. Where are you? What does it look like? What are you wearing?Who’s with you?Talk to your fiancé and discuss everything from the must-haves (outdoor ceremony) to the wishes (riding in on an elephant).Take notes and even start a wedding Pinterest board.

3. Choose your Wedding Season

Choose a general time of year that you would like to get married. Don’t get stuck on a particular month or (heaven forbid!) a specific day (07/07/07) Decide on a season – do you prefer the warm golds, reds, oranges that come in the Autumn or are you a spring bride with pinks, purples or greens. Think about the weather in your geographical location and whether you want an outdoor setting (Florida is in the 90s in July).

4. Set a Wedding Budget

I know that talking money is not nearly as exciting as wedding dresses, colors, wedding parties, and honeymoons but it is crucial that you and your spouse-to-be are on the same page.Are you paying for it yourselves and need to begin saving from every paycheck? Are either of your parents/family members helping with the cost?Start putting together a rough budget and keep in mind that although your wedding will be a once in a lifetime event for you, you don’t want to be paying it off for years. On that note, I feel the need to add, Be honest with your planner about your budget! We are not salespeople trying to squeeze you, so please tell us the truth about what you can and can’t afford

5. Consult with a Wedding Planner
A competent wedding planner can make all the difference between a relaxed, wonderful wedding day and a stressful overwhelming day. Don’t overlook the importance of hiring a professional to help with the planning, logistics, budget and wedding day coordination. 

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